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14 June 2015 @ 10:55 am
67. 56 Icons: SPN, MCU, Sleepy Hollow  
56 Icons, total || 25 Supernatural | 15 Marvel Comics Universe (The Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy) | 16 Sleepy Hollow

Small-ish post this time; I'll be away from home for the next week+ so I wanted to post these before leaving. I still owe some folks comments from the last 2(!) posts. I'll try to get to those before leaving town but probably you won't hear from me until after I'm back. Sorry.

Someone posted a bunch of Sleepy Hollow Season 1 caps to a challenge a few months ago. (Sorry, I have no memory where I snagged them.) luminousdaze posted some Sleepy Hollow Season 1 caps (credit to homeofthenutty and screencapped)for an icon battle at allthesuits a few months ago. (You can see the results of the massive battle here! Be sure to check out all the gorgeous Sleepy Hollow icons!!) They were so gorgeous I had to save them.

I'm loving this show. I think that I'm supposed to like Ichabod more than I do but Abbie and Jenny? I am totally all over the sisters. Love their relationship and the way they challenge each other. They have entire conversations that involve plott-y things rather than boys. Bestill my heart! I appear to be a sucker for a good sibling Supernatural show.

I'm completely grooving on the leading protagonists, a man and woman, working together, collaborating, socializing, saving each others' lives...but they AREN'T romantically entangled! Given that it's American TV, I'm sure they'll eventually disappoint me but right now I'm reveling all the perfection. He's in love with and pining for his dead/trapped/witchy wife. And oh what a delicious twist Henry is! Don't spoil me, LJ. I want to roll around in the pretty.













I couldn't resist this pretty pic of the Four Horsemen riding but they resisted shoving into a tiny square.
Click to see full-size.


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Mish: Dean -- Shower of Painhsapiens on June 27th, 2015 03:33 pm (UTC)
Thank YOU for the lovely comment. :) And for sharing Jensen's, uh, jeans with us. I love that icon. Not because I made it but because it's that long slow pan up Jensen's impressive body. Good times. Good memory.