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02 November 2014 @ 07:20 pm
62.140 Icons: SPN, Arrow, The Flash, SG-1, Farscape, BtVS, Witchblade, C&H  
30 Supernatural (Season 10)
25 Arrow/The Flash
26 Stargate SG-1
08 Farscape
09 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
18 Witchblade
24 Calvin & Hobbes (1993)
140 Icons, total












56-60 Stargate SG-1

61-65 Stargate SG-1

66-70 Stargate SG-1

71-75 Stargate SG-1

76-80 Stargate SG-1

81-85 Stargate SG-1 (x3) | Farscape (x2)

86-90 Farscape

91-95 Farscape (x1) | Buffy the Vampire Slayer

96-100 Buffy the Vampire Slayer

101-105 Witchblade

106-110 Witchblade

111-118 Witchblade

116-120 Witchblade






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red_satin_doll: Ted - Dejected Buffyred_satin_doll on February 10th, 2015 01:51 am (UTC)
BTW - I was looking again at your calvin and hobbes icons and really impressed by the clarity of so many of them and the bright, clean colors. But 131 (the adulthood one) is TOTALLY my jam.

I am super impressed (and just a little intimidated)!

You are? OMG, srsly?? Thank you, you just made my night! I'm blushing like a rose right now. (And, I really can't imagine.)

Whenever I achieve it, it's purely a happy accident.

I know exactly what you mean! I've tried sketching and pre-planning images but that never seems to work well, it always has to happen in the process. Which means lots of failures and an occasional good one. This is why I'm really not great at 20in20 sets - I tend to make 5-9X the number of icons I need just to get a set of entries.

I suspect it's something about the cap -- the original show lighting plus the capper's settings -- and how it responds to my preferred processing

*nods* With buffyverse, the later seasons in theory should be easier to work with because of better lighting, but in fact they end up being very "flat" a lot of times; with early seasons they've got a lot of film grain/texture to work with if I can get it lightened adequately. The "Ted" icon I'm using is a good example. I used to make Moulin Rouge icons years ago (when Photobucket was all I had to edit with) and those were fairly easy to get strong contrasts and saturation because of look of the movie.

I've only tried Orphan black icons a couple of times and totally failed; high-def images are not always easier to work with, at least for me.

I almost flipped the icon to b/w because Buffy had gone so hot and saturated. I had to look at it for a long time to decide that I didn't care what others thought; I really liked the effect. :)

I've gotten this "reputation" for muted colors and it's odd because I LOVE saturated colors and jewel tones, but I keep gravitating towards muted tones in my icons. Maybe I don't feel confident? I think it takes a certain confidence.

With your NLM icon, it just works - and I think with strong colors you really have to go balls-to-the-wall with it, and not be timid; but you're also rocking the complimentary red(orange)-green(yellow) scheme and then the patches of black give the eye a bit of rest. And it's not too many colors, that's the other part that makes it work. I actually can't imagine that one muted or b/w.