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10 May 2014 @ 11:00 pm
57. 114 Icons: Teen Wolf, SPN, Scientists  
65 Teen Wolf
34 Supernatural
15 Scientists
114, total

Not going to lie, I'm a little embarrassed to be watching something called, "Teen Wolf." I'm not MTV's target demographic and the main characters are far too young for me but some of the ancillary characters are HOT and the show spends a lot of energy figuring out how to get the men out of their shirts. I am shallow. Very, very shallow. Some of the writing is good (the long-term story lines) and some of it's very not good. They're employing gorgeous women (Including Buffy's Kendra! I loved Bianca on Buffy and I love her here, too!) who are lots of fun to icon; I'm struggling to find a cap of Deacon that I like for iconning so sadly no Deacon yet.

Did I mention the men spend a lot of time without shirts?

It was kind of a relief to return to the mature men of SPN, where I don't feel vaguely uneasy about the actors' ages. I love show but I'm Supernaturaled out this week. I'm having some issues with the way the boys have changed over the years (went from saving people, hunting things! to just hunting things) and haven't changed (still lying to protect the other) that I find disturbing and frustrating. I was very sad to see Abaddon go; Alaina Huffman is so drop dead gorgeous and she owns every scene. I've seen rumbling about Dean's new colorful wardrobe, which I get from a characterization PoV. From an iconning PoV, I'm all for something not drab and same old-same old so it's a wash for me.

If we'd get fewer layers of shirts, of any color, and more Supernatural shirtlessness I would be in Heaven. \o/

The scientist icons were something I started back in 2011 but I lost my source caps in a HD failure. It took a surprising amount of time to gather them in the first place so I think I'll call this done though I had lots more planned.
























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Mish: Dean -- Shower of Painhsapiens on May 20th, 2014 09:00 pm (UTC)
Ah! Okay. I was wondering if perhaps he'd done something like soil types/layering around the world. I'm with you now. :)

Darwin was a genius. I know that the idea of evolution had been in the ether for a while but he made and marshaled the detailed observations to provide a preponderance of evidence and figured out the mechanism. And even though he sat on it until he thought he was about to be scooped he DID put it out with his name and took the scorn. I just...it's just that evolution is so foundational to modern science. Denying it is just that: denial. I want to ask creationists why they need a flu shot every year. Certainly last year's flu is this year's flu? As well as last decade's? And the prior decade's? And of course they'd be happy to limit their antibiotics to penicillin and other classics? Because there's no such thing as drug-resistant bacteria, right? Bah.

I'm keeping an eye out for Cosmos caps. I was surprised that nobody had them already!

When you have Jensen's face before you, who needs anything else really?!?
The Abominable Caffeine Monster: [spn] seen it allpoisonfield on May 22nd, 2014 01:25 am (UTC)
Apparently creationists believe in 'microevolution' which is small changes over time within the same species, for example drug resistance, or influenza changing season to season, but not 'macroevolution' which is great changes over time that change the species itself, for example apes -> humans. They totally forget that they are both heavily linked concepts. But religious nuts have always been known to pick and choose what they want to believe just look at catholics and the bible.

If I could stare at his damn face all day I would *sigh*