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12 August 2015 @ 02:29 pm
68. 122 Icons: TW, SPN, C&H  
122 Icons, Total || 80 Teen Wolf | 30 Supernatural | 12 Calvin & Hobbes

*throws confetti*
Guys, guys, guys! This is my 100th post (including promos) in this community AND there are more than 400 watchers. Thank you for watching. *smooches*

Never Moon a Werewolf -Mike Binder (made me cackle so I turned it into two different icons)

Made for the Teen Wolf Battle. Go! Check out all of the gorgeous icons! Thank you, thyla87, for organizing it and putting up with all of my last minute dithering.
blending pastel color close crop blocking negative space
black & white muted color text fake bckgrnd profile
vibrant color chiaroscuro purple

Not sure how other makers work but I do not sit down with an end product in mind when I make icons. I see a pretty picture and think it has potential. No clue what I'll end up with, which explains why so many of my icons look alike. On the best days my brain is a contrary mistress so a challenge of 13 different techniques is hard to wrap my brain around. Complicating it so that I can't re-use a character? That's cruel and unusual. :) Which is exactly why I signed up.

I might have made a boatload of icons that could fit multiple categories and then figured out which of them worked for the challenge. So, uh, have a boatload of alternates plus a few Season 5 and Seasons Not Five and a couple strays.














(1) Many of these caps came from a pass-it-on round at thehuntergames but everyone was so quick that I didn't get to enter them. Ah well, win some, lose most. In the meantime: have a rainbow!
(2) Entries for the latest round of thehuntergames, which is not a free-for-all thankfully but I didn't get as much time with them as I would have liked. Stoopid real life.
(3) meus_venator asked for some Cain icons featuring his face, beard, and hair. Hope these work for you, bb!









steal + watch this comm
*smooches* + screencap credits + resources
My Hunter: Cain Father of Murdermeus_venator on August 12th, 2015 07:53 pm (UTC)
LOL! these are AWESOME. I adore the Dean cosplay one. And so much Cain goodness. You even did the hallway in the prison. Wonderful work. Love the rich colours.
And Oh! Snap! LOL And Charlie is pretty wonderful too!
These rock! Thank you so much!
Mish: Charlie -- SCA Costumehsapiens on August 12th, 2015 08:08 pm (UTC)
It's my sincerest pleasure. :) I'm glad that something might work for you.

I absolutely adored that shivery scene as he was walking through the prison, lights failing in his wake. Walls and bars no impediment. Such an excellent intro for the episode. I was really, really hoping that he would join Crowley as main antagonist for S11. I thought his murderous nature playing against his remorse nicely; made him unpredictable. Plus, Timothy O is HOT as Cain. It's not a look I generally go for so no clue why it works for me but it does.
My Hunter: Cain on greenmeus_venator on August 12th, 2015 08:26 pm (UTC)
RE: Cain, oh isn't he just. That's a perfect description. The evil murderous rage and then close ups of this lost remorseful eyes. I thought it was pretty much a telling condemnation by Jensen of Carve's approach when he said Charlie and Cain were his favourite SPN characters of all time. Neither of them needed to die and I think the show is much the poorer for it. But then I don't really like 90% of Carver's show runner decisions.

And that hallway scene was great. It's funny Timothy O, loves Galavant, but I think his talents are totally wasted on it. It's such a frivolous show. He could do so much meatier roles. I'd love to see him in movies too. I loved him way back in Judging Amy and he's only gotten better with age.
Mish: SPN -- Charlie Special Swordhsapiens on August 12th, 2015 09:24 pm (UTC)
For me the nadir was Season 6, which disappointed me greatly. I didn't expect SPN to suddenly shed its gender issues but I hoped that a female show lead would at least remove its blinders a bit to some of its excesses. Instead, I ended up enjoying only the meta episodes of awesomeness amongst the dregs of Show.

That said, killing off Charlie and Cain struck me as insane. Those were two substantial characters with lots to add to the 'verse (although I would have happily done without the Oz story-lines, those weren't Charlie-specific) and Charlie especially gave us some amazing moments like the boys discovering the SCA. :D I just liked her because she was us.