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08 February 2015 @ 09:03 pm
64. 70 Icons: TW, SPN, Jensen, BtVS, FF, Stock  
Contest Entries!
30 Teen Wolf
30 Supernatural (incl 5 Jensen Ackles)
5 Joss-Verse (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly)
5 Stock
70 Icons

LOTS of contest entries & alternates here. For inspired20in20, I was particularly taken with the close-up inspirational icons. I love seeing a character's expression but my super-close crops are usually awkward. I worked on that skill here, perhaps a little too much. Inspirational words such as "quiet," "fair," and "understated" left me at sea because I'd chosen Teen Wolf, which would be the polar opposite of those words. It's all angst and action and music and brash-ness and dead family. For quiet, I chose to make them all textless -- except for one because I needed to use the chosen fonts. (And one other but the text is more subtle than my added text normally is.) Hover over the icons in the set to see what inspirations I chose for each.

I'm having a blast over at thehuntergames even if I'm seriously outclassed by other participants. In contrast to the Teen Wolf set, most of these icons have text because I'm trying to develop text skills. Some worked out; some did not. I'm also playing with bright colors, which feels like an oxymoron when iconning Supernatural but pretty boys (and girls) look pretty in pretty colors.

1-5 - Year of the Goat = inspiration Hover over the first 20 for inspirations used




21-25 Alternates

26-30 Alternates x3 | Because I must have more colors x2

31-35 Chakra-inspired entries for thehuntergames

36-40 Chakra Alternates

41-45 Chakra Alternates

46-50 Weapon-visible entries for thehuntergames

51-55 Weapon Alternates x3 | Just because S9 Sam is HOT x2

56-60 JENSEN ACKLES HEADSHOTS for iconsomething

61-65 Emerald Green for whedon_elite BtVS x3 | Firefly x2

66-70 "Empty"-inspired entries for sparkyourmuse that I forgot to enter Pripyat x4 | Seashell

steal + watch this comm
do unto others...first + screencap credits + resources
Mish: Dean -- Lucky Day/You Will Livehsapiens on February 18th, 2015 09:52 pm (UTC)
It's eerie how we've walked similar paths. I forgot how much I enjoy LJ and the people. My time away was for sad and tragic reasons. One result of that was giving up on my dream of becoming a diplomat because I have family to take care of now who would not be good at traveling the world. THAT depressed me for a while and I wasn't up for talking to anybody. I'm better now and I have a job I love, working with some of the most amazing people I've had the pleasure of working with/for so it's all good but it was plenty of stinky before now. :)

you are amazing person that is always kind, helpful, funny
I feel the same way about you, bb. It's really lovely to reconnect with you. *hugs*

I cannot agree with you about the "perfection" of my icons but I suspect we're all like that, much harsher in judging our own work compared to that of others.I agree with your assessment of current icon trends. I've been thinking that the trend to complex compositions are the influence of Tumblr. Plus, SPN has been around so long that making a pretty Dean or Sam or Dean and Sam or... icon is adding a million-and-one-th icon to the heap. I can appreciate that people are looking to do new and interesting interpretations of the characters or story lines but often image quality is sacrificed to get a lot into a box, which makes me sad. I prefer clear, crisp images.

I'm neither patient nor skilled enough to make tiny stories like that in a 100x100 box. I admire the skills of those who can -- but I tend to find that I still prefer the simpler compositions. But perhaps that's because that's what I can make! ;) I think that spud66cat has a gorgeous balance of image clarity and composition these days.

Your English is excellent, certainly better than my non-existent Polish, so while I understand being insecure in using a language after time away from it, I assure you that your English is still very, very good!

Edited at 2015-02-18 09:56 pm (UTC)